Of Frost and Fortune

A 5th Edition D&D Campaign


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Prologue – The Butcher’s Tale
The 1490th Year of Dalereckoning – 5th Day of Flamerule: Month of the Summertide

The raging torrents of the Delimbiyr River can be heard from every corner of Loudwater—a small settlement on the river’s northern banks. Now though, amid the hottest months the ‘Savage North’ has to offer, the river has fallen silent, frozen for the first time in living memory.

No more than three tendays ago, a mysterious and deadly storm fell upon the town. The air has become frigid and biting, snow falling in unending waves upon the reinforced wooden walls of the settlement’s borders. The unnatural storm threatens not only the unprepared inhabitants of Loudwater, whose livelihood depends on the summer’s fishing and river-trade, but also the surrounding regions if it continues to grow.

To make matters worse, biting winds are not all the mysterious storm has brought. Beasts alien to these parts have been spotted throughout the Delimbiyr Vale. The sightings are thought to be tied to the disappearance of several townsfolk.

The people of Loudwater have pooled together a modest reward, augmented by donations from surrounding settlements, to draw in able-bodied men and women to investigate the cause of the storm and put an end to it.

You have answered their call for aid.

Of Frost and Fortune

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