Adventure Hooks

Below you’ll find a few plot hooks you can build into your character to tie yourself to the adventure. These hooks are both optional and customizable—if one sparks an idea for your character but doesn’t totally fit, reach out to me and we’ll work it out (within reason).

Note that a few have specific requirements for your character.


Raised in the shadowed depths of of the High Forest, you’ve witnessed (and perhaps even played a part in) the reunion of the scattered or-tel-quessir clans. You are one of countless Elves desperately hoping to see the Kingdom of Eaerlann return to even a fraction of its former splendor. Serving as the Will of the Caerilcarn (or “Council of the Wood”), you set forth to investigate reports of strange happenings just to the south of the forest’s borders, near the human settlement of Loudwater.

Restricted to ‘Wood Elves’

Loudwater Militia Veteran

Loudwater is, if nothing else, your home. You’ve spent your days alongside the rushing torrent of the Delimbiyr, defending the town from the ‘Savage North’ time and time again. Over several years, you’ve risen to be one of Loudwater’s most trusted defenders. When the grip of snow and frost took hold of the town, the militia could stand to lose only one soldier to aid the foreigners. They chose the best of them: you.

Restricted to those with the ‘Folk Hero’ background

Goldenfields Acolyte

For several years you’ve toiled under the watchful eye of Abbot Darovik, tilling fields, sowing seed, and gathering plump fruit from the seasons’ yield. Above all else though, your time at the massive walled monastery has been spent in devotion to Chauntea (or one of her allied deities). You’ve learned well the important role Goldenfields plays in feeding the peoples of such grand cities as Waterdeep; thus, when you hear of a threat to the year’s crops you immediately understand the need for action. At the behest of the Abbot himself, you set out for the town of Loudwater to investigate rumors of an unending frigid storm in the midst of the scorching summer, one that has the potential to rob tens of thousands of their food supply if it were to spread west…

Restricted to those with the ‘Acolyte’ background

Outlander (Savage North)

A frigid wind, snow as deep as a man, paths made of naught but ice and stone—these are your trade. You spent the majority of your life in the unforgiving wilds of the north, or at least long enough to learn its cruel ways. From a tavern in some all-but-forgotten place near the end of the world, you hear word: some town that goes by the name of Loudwater is looking for hearty folk versed in the cold. And they’re paying no small sum.

Restricted to those with the ‘Outlander’ background

Waterdhavian Mercenary

With trade destabilized throughout the Delimbiyr Valley, nobles and traders alike of the great city of Waterdeep have been forced to take action. They call on men of your ilk, sellswords and hirelings, to do their will. You’re to investigate why imports on goods such as cut-stone from Secomber and river-fish from Loudwater are at an all time low and, more importantly, you’re to get the goods and the coin flowing back into the pockets of your employer. You set off west on the Delimbiyr Route, mulling over your employer’s parting words: “By any means necessary….”

Apprentice Spellguard

When you think of home, you think back to the twisting aisles of bookshelves found within the grandest of Silverymoon‘s libraries and athaeums. You’ve spent years under the tutelage of a learned Master, studying the histories of forgotten peoples, the science of the planes, and the intricacies of the Arcane. The end of this long road of study and trial is in sight: a position amongst the elite Spellguard of Silverymoon. For your final task, you’ve been ordered to report on a strange phenomenon within the Delimbiyr Vale, localized on the town of Loudwater.

Restricted to the following classes: ‘Bard,’ ‘Sorcerer,’ ‘Warlock,’ and ‘Wizard’

Adventure Hooks

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