Adventure Introduction

This is the tale of a frigid snow in the midst of summer,
an ancient Elven kingdom reborn after a millennia,
a wicked beast beckoned by the call of its new master,
and a town just trying to weather the storm.


Welcome to Of Frost and Fortune, a D&D 5th Edition campaign!

The adventure is set in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, with events kicking off in a small town in Western Faerûn ripe with trouble. Players start at 3rd level and gain experience for both social and combat interactions. All character types, personalities, and experience levels are welcome, though role-playing will be encouraged.

It is my hope to run variations of this campaign at least twice with different groups, both online and eventually in person. With that in mind, I’ll be refining details as we go forward, tweaking story/gameplay elements that aren’t working and highlighting those that are. I’d appreciate any and all feedback to help me accomplish this! If something’s not working, feel free to be open and honest.

A note on the setting

Faerûn is a compelling setting, populated by nearly 30 years of books, games, and other media. That being said, characters from Forgotten Realms novels and properties will, as a general rule, not be making an appearance. The intention is to have the 30 years of lore and setting-development enhance the authenticity and depth of the world without robbing the players of agency or bogging them down with needless details.

Using the Obsidian Portal site

Obsidian Portal is an excellent resource to tap into for creating and managing campaigns. While I’ll be updating the site as we progress, it’s a resource that players can have fun with as well. Getting your characters up, posting backstories, helping out with session summaries, etc. all help populate the site with content and flesh out the campaign. Of course I understand that this might not exactly be everyone’s cup of tea, so players will not be penalized for not participating in the site.

Tying your character to the adventure

Feel free to check out the Adventure Hooks page for inspiration on how your character might be connected to the story of Loudwater. This page features the following plot hooks:

Loudwater Militia Veteran
Goldenfields Acolyte
Outlander (Savage North)
Waterdhavian Mercenary
Apprentice Spellguard

These are in no way required. Feel free to follow them to a tee or use them as the inspiration for an altogether different approach. If you decide to choose one of the hooks I’ll be providing you with a brief summary of additional setting information you might know.

Campaign details

  • The campaign is designed to be played weekly (or bi-weekly) by a group of 3-5 players.
  • Players will start at level 3 with 100 gold (to spend or to keep) and any equipment options offered by their class and background.
  • All races and race options featured in the following books and modules are allowed with the exception of the Aarakocra: PHB, DMG, HotDQ, ToD, and PotA. If you have an absolutely burning desire to play an Aarakocra reach out to me and we’ll discuss the possibility.
  • All classes and class options featured in the following books and modules are allowed: PHB, DMG, HotDQ, ToD, and PotA. Please check with me first if you intend to choose a villainous class option.
  • The campaign will feature a setting rich with magic but not diluted by its power. As such the crafting and purchasing of magic items is permitted following appropriate restrictions.
  • Combat will take place primarily off-grid—this may change depending on player preference.

The story so far

The raging torrents of the Delimbiyr River can be heard from every corner of Loudwater—a small settlement on the river’s northern banks. Now though, amid the hottest months the ‘Savage North’ has to offer, the river has fallen silent, frozen for the first time in living memory.

No more than three tendays ago, a mysterious and deadly storm fell upon the town. The air has become frigid and biting, snow falling in unending waves upon the reinforced wooden walls of the settlement’s borders. The unnatural storm threatens not only the unprepared inhabitants of Loudwater, whose livelihood depends on the summer’s fishing and river-trade, but also the surrounding regions if it continues to grow.

To make matters worse, biting winds are not all the mysterious storm has brought. Beasts alien to these parts have been spotted throughout the Delimbiyr Vale, thought to be tied to the sudden disappearance of several townsfolk.

The people of Loudwater have pooled together a modest reward, augmented by donations from surrounding settlements, to draw in able-bodied men and women to investigate the cause of the storm and put an end to it.

You have answered their call for aid.

Adventure Introduction

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